Every great financial plan has to start somewhere. We use what we like to call ``Financial DNA`` to specifically customize a strategy for you.

Never Quit.

We will Never Quit in our endeavor to put you and your finances in first place. Let’s set off on a partnership and a plan that’s built to last.

Financial DNA

A proven process seeking the best possible chance of success. We take the necessary steps to build a one-of-a-kind plan tailored to your individual needs.

Tailored Service

Performance Wealth was founded to get back to the basics of client products to sell you or unnecessary policies to push.


How fast should you be driving with your finances?

About Performance Wealth

A financial planning & wealth management firm navigating the multiple roads of automotive enthusiasts and those who appreciate the ride.

The importance of a good client/advisor relationship is the foundation of our philosophy. If we can’t relate, then we can’t (and won’t pretend) to help you. We realize the value of the journey and not just the destination.

We believe in the journey, not just the destination.

Why the decision to work primarily with fellow “car nuts”?

It is who we work best with. We’ve discovered that individuals with significant assets and portfolios are entrepreneurs, business owners, type-A personalties with both hands on the wheel. It’s both a metaphor and a lifestyle…it’s our lifestyle as well.

Does this mean that you don’t mesh with Performance Wealth if you don’t have a brightly colored sports car or a well worn classic? Not at all. All of our clients share many things: most pf all, passion. So if your main interests fall outside of the realm of chrome and rubber we still may make a great fit.

It starts with what we call Financial DNA. A program developed to determine whether we match up. If not we can recommend another resource who will be able to better serve your needs.

We are “fee-based” planners who strive for the win. We realize that the relationship is the reward, not a commission.

Just like a hyper-focused race team, our crew will have you dialed in, coming together to develop something unheard of in many firms — the perfect fit. That customized performance that gives you the advantage over the market, over life’s twisting roads and gives us the upper hand on the competition.

You know where you want to go in life, and at Performance Wealth, we know that the route you take to get there is just as important as where you wind up.

Financial DNA

Through the Financial DNA process, we take the necessary steps to build a one-of-a-kind plan tailored to your individual needs – even your communication preferences.

A personal relationship built around you and the unique opportunities you face.

Performance Wealth utilizes unique behavioral evaluation and a team approach to proactively understand your financial goals:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Investment Products
  • Your Speed Limit

Process Diagram


“0-65 with Performance Wealth”

Goal Review

Discover Financial DNA, Cash Flow and Net Worth Analysis, Portfolio Review, Access to the Financial Advisor Team

Financial Services

Investment Management Analysis, Financial Plan with Annual Agenda



Accumulation Strategy (IRA, Roth IRA, 401k), Distribution Strategy

Tax Strategy

Tax Management, Planning for Upcoming Changes, Communication with Tax Preparer

Meet Your Crew Chief & Pit Crew

Drawing on a network of advisors, as well as outside resources, ensures that you’re getting extensive insight in any given field. We call them the “Pit Crew” because they are a select group of Independent Financial Partners (IFP) ready to go the extra mile.

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